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” I’ve always been able to navigate the seas of misery without too much trouble – the worst heartbreak of course was losing Sam, and then my dad, but they existed under the radar and inside the defenses. It goes without saying those key losses would be devastating. But I thought I was invulnerable after that. I thought no one could possibly hurt me. I was ready to feel truly and deeply again. Well now I do feel truly and deeply… hurt. And maybe that was a lesson in hubris.
I don’t so much feel angry that she would reach out and only THEN discover her inability to engage in this. I feel more like my faculties were somehow inadequate and failed to warn me of it.”
–Blogger Todd Downing, on finding love and having it not work out, after serious earlier losses (like losing his wife).

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  1. Todd says:

    Susan, thanks so much for your kind comment on my recent blog entry. It’s very nice to get that positive reenforcement when you’re all shredded inside.
    I’m honored you chose to quote me. One of the primary reasons I started the blog was as an example to others who have dealt with deep grief and are still trying to stay engaged in the world.
    Thanks again.

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