Yahoo! Personals new photo features are live

As I’ve said in the post about this that just went up on the Yodel Anecdotal blog, I have done my share of online dating–and wanting to improve that experience was definitely one factor in my joining the Y! Personals team.
So it’s both as a product lead and as a dater that I’m all proud and excited about the new package of photo features and captions we released this week. I’m delighted about the brand new shiny code and souped-up back end we deployed and amazed at how the number of photos users have posted has zoomed up in just 12 hours, along with the number of searches (uprading capacity always means an increase in usage, yes?)
Tomorrow’s the team BBQ to celebrate all this work–even as we watch for bugs, we’re so happy to be where we are, it’s going to take a lot of baby back ribs, burgers and hot dogs to express it.

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  1. Todd says:

    Congratulations to you and team.

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