Avon Walk 2007 San Francisco–Over and feeling good

I did my first–but not my last– Avon walk this weekend, and feel good about how I did, the money I raised, and the great team–Urban Dog Walkers–I am on. We raised $175,000 to support breast cancer research and testing for uninsured women, and made a major contribution to what the Bay area collected–over $5 million dollars (this amazes me).
On one hand, it was interesting to see how cleverly groups like Avon leverage community to make fund-raising a lifestyle experience and hook people in, on the other hand, it’s a cause I am happy to be a part of.
Thanks to everyone who supported me with advice, band-aids and donations–you are MUCH appreciated.
Special call outs have to go to the Urban Dog walkers 2007 team, and to my team mate S. who got me into this, friends David & Jennie Coleman who drove and picked up, and team lead Laura Stewart whose genius, talent and great good humor–not to mention those two sweet dogs–got this all going back in the day.

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  1. Stacy says:

    You are so very welcome! I am happy you had a good experience. (BTW, link to me is broken). See you next week! Hugs.

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