Behind closed doors: Sex & Relationship session at BlogHer

Viviane and I are going to facilitate a session at Blogher at the end of the month for bloggers who want to talk about Sex and Relationship Blogging–if you’re coming to the conference and are interested in this session, let us know. Here’s the description of what we’re hoping to facilitate:
Cloaked behind another name, bloggers are writing more freely than ever before about private personal experiences they might be hesitant to share publicly. In doing so, they are creating community and making their voices heard in powerful ways—but also dealing with issues of privacy and exposure.
This BlogHer session is for everyone at the conference who is using the web to share personal narratives about sex and relationships, and/or to share erotic fantasies and desires, so that members of this community and those supportive of them can talk freely with one another. We intend to offer a safe, facilitated space to talk about your blog, identify and privacy concerns, and share personal and community experiences related to blogging about sexuality, personal experience, and relationships and to create a safe space for those writing on these topics behind a veiled persona to speak freely in real time.
Other interested parties will be welcome at the session, but only on a space-permits, rules followed basis.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This session is committed to protecting personal privacy and facilitating open discussion; for that reason, the following protocols will be practiced:
Those Blogher conference attendees wishing to attend this session must send an email with expressing interest and agreeing to respect confidentiality to organizers Susan Mernit ( and/or Viviane (
In the email you need to affirm that you will follow the confidentiality guidelines and not share or discuss the session in ways that identify participants.
When you write, it is not necessary to identify your personal blog, but it would be appreciated; confidentiality protected.)
No photos, live blogging or audio recording—this is an off the record session.
During session, no identifying of participants or their blogs by speakers unless you choose to self-identify with a specific blog you write and maintain.
Shared commitment to maintaining a safe private space for honest discussion reaffirmed at start of meeting.
Participants admitted only at organizers’ discretion and as space permits.
Note: This session came about because it struck me last year at Blogher that there were women who didn’t write erotica or blog for a living–but who were writing honesty about their own journeys–who were either unable or unwilling to publicly share their stories in the “Naked” sessions…this session is intended to give everyone writing really personal stories a chance to share if they wish.