Blogher07: Sunday morning take-aways

Elizabeth Edwards is one of the most authentic people I have ever met. The way she interacted with the audience at the keynote and her subsequent interactions and presence at the cocktail party and right down to how she spoke with people outside the event on her way out demonstrated a depth of sincerity, an authenticity and an ability to be present in her life that I just don’t see to that degree in many people. Regardless of the political beliefs, it was VERY powerful and inspiring.
Susie Bright is also an amazing person I got to meet and interact with at BlogHer. The founder of Off Her Backs and an early feminist and subversive, Susie is a vibrant, interesting person who has much to teach and clearly enjoys learning from others. Susie, I hope we connect more back home in CA.
I was also really proud of my friends Lisa, Jory and Elisa. They’ve created Blogher as a platform that clearly is taking on a life of its own under their able stewardship. The fact that Jory’s business skills can lead to so many sponsorships, Elisa’s organizational skills can produce such a large conference (and make it all go so smoothly) and Lisa’s presence and political chops can bring in an Elizabeth Edwards are all cool, but what gets me is how the vision and message (yes, this is a cause-related business) they support are something so many women are tapping into–I am watching with interest to see where this all goes.
BlogHer also had a diversity I don’t usually see. Not only was it woman-focused, though with some very cool men attending, but there was a racial mix and an age mix that many conferences don’t have–and this time, I think the very engaged Mommybloggers were balanced with lots of other types of bloggers–including, I was happy to see, a larger number of women over 55.
I met so many interesting people and have a huge number of follow-ups for next week–and feel refreshed and energized–just what I hope a conference would help me achieve.
(On another note, it is interesting to contrast this post with the ones about the techcrunch party-which seems like a must-attend for status event more than it was fun for everyone there. Don’t know if that is true, but am getting that vibe.)
(And on yet another note, I hope Scott Beale’s party was a blast. I *heart* Scott and would have loved to be there. The pictures here and here look great.)


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  1. Susie Bright says:

    Hi Susan, I loved this year’s Blogher and our dinner together, too. My head is swimming, but in a good way.
    I was the co-founder of ON Our Backs, which was a satiric take on OFF Our Backs, whom I’m sure would be moritified to think you believed I was one of their founders.
    I was merely one of Off’s devoted readers, from the early 70s, until they lost me during the 80s “sex wars,” — as we put it back then!

  2. celeste w, studio 501c says:

    Susan, it was an honor to meet you. I learned alot from the speaker training workshop.
    I also enjoyed sitting next to you during the craft session (about which I later had some misgivings:
    As I said to you at that time, your speaker presentation earlier in the day helped me realize the “place” where I most belong.

  3. Krista says:

    I totally agree – there were so many diverse and interesting people! Its amazing to see how much variety there actually is in the blogging community.
    We recently posted all of our photos at
    There is an event set up there so everyone can upload photos into the blogher event. You can also link them to your blog if you are looking for some fun pics :)
    Overall a great time!
    – Krista

  4. Lisa Stone says:

    Susan, I’m so glad you enjoyed this year’s BlogHer conference as much as I did. I’m back from my annual post-conference week-long readathon and I’ve enjoyed every minute.
    Kudos right back at you. Thank you for being one of our hardest-working advisors from the word go — you’ve been a resource and a leader for many women who love to blog.
    And yes, I agree with you, major kudos to Elisa and Jory for a terrific job with programming and sponsorships. And you’re right about new voices: 85 percent of our speakers were new to BlogHer. :)
    Now I’m eager to hear where you think we should head next year. Elisa has launched a post-conference survey here. Looking forward to your vote…

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