Blogher 07: Kicking off in Chicago

So I’m here!–and so are 750 other people, filling up a ballroom in the Navy Pier. Yes, Blogher has grown large, but with Jory, Elisa and Lisa up on stage talking about the community it doesn’t feel that different–more like the same person in fancier clothes.
There are 150 speakers, 30 volunteers, and a boatload of sponsors–clearly, the girlz have tapped a vein–and the 750 attendees, who look amazingly diverse–seem clearly psyched.
And the sponsors! AOL has donated video blogging kiosks, Google has experts coming to talk about SEO, and Yahoo! well Yahoo! is doing the heavily wired Internet cafe and the (co-sponsored with Barnes and Noble) book signings. And then there’s childcare right on site–this is a cool thing–I love the idea of moms with strollers being able to attend with kids. (Oh yes, and there is an exhibitor hall…wow, this conference is getting serious…)
Some of the ground rules:

  • Blog everything but let people know if you want to be off the record(and recognize it may not work)
  • Don’t be flamazoids (play nice, kids)
  • Don’t get lost–the Navy Pier seems HUGE

Update: Had dinner late last night with bloggers cunning minx, rachael kramer bussel, viviane, amber rhea, rusty tanton and lisa williams. Fun!