Blogher: Big and exciting

So it’s midnight in Chicago and I’m too wound up to go to sleep. The energy of spending most of the day with 700-odd BlogHer attendees, following by going out to dinner with my sister (who is also at the conference), has been too wound to sleep.
I know that sometimes there’s a bit of a BlogHer backlash as the conference gets bigger, the sponsors kick in, and there’s a real company forming, but in my world, this is all just great. Great, great, great. The idea three women I know had an idea 3 years ago and now they have BlogHer floats my boat every time.
Tomorrow’s day 2 of the conference and that means diving back in for more. Another day, another room full of excited people talking and talking.


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  1. Denise says:

    Your sister? where? who is she? I’d love to meet the sister of the fabulous Susan Mernit!

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