Blogher: Off the record session 3PM Saturday

We’re still getting email from people who would like to attend the Off the record: Sex & Relationships blogging meet up at Blogher.
If you are a sex and or relationship blogger, if you are interested in discussing authentic voice and personal journeys and privacy and protecting your privacy this session is for you.
We ask you let us know you want to attend so you can agree to support the confidentiality of this session.
We have some fascinating discussants coming but want to have as many people who are interested in these topics take part.
Email to, please if you’d like to show up.

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  1. figleaf says:

    Hi Susan,
    Of course I’d love to be there but time-zones, not to mention chromosomes, keep me at bay.
    Looking back at your presentation at Gnomedex two years ago it’s fun to see how much the face of sex and relationship blogging has changed. On the one hand I think folks from AAG’s part of the world may still need a lot of circumspection but Pepper Schwartz (ok, not a blogger) has published a wonderful personal/insightful/erotic book (Prime) in her own name and when threatened with blackmail over racy photos she’d posted Miss New Jersey contestant Amy Polumbo just went public herself… with no lasting effect and no loss of crown.
    And my old dictum that the difference between those of us who blog about sex and those who don’t is our willingness to discuss it remains mostly true… but I and others have noticed that taking, or having been given, the opportunity to talk about it, and getting the common “unsaid” out of our systems gives us room to stop just thinking about not just what parts feel nice when this or that happens, or how people feel after this or that event and to start thinking, and sometimes questioning, how the whole ball of wax got stuck together to begin with. Of course I did say I said we’re just like everyone else and I’m going to stick by that. And that means that even without blogging soundboards other people may also have their evolutionary breakthroughs. But here’s the trick: if they are they’re almost never letting anyone else know about it. One of my big, big hopes for the future of sex blogging is that we’ll eventually reach enough ears that those silently “evolved” folks feel ok about standing up and saying “hey, me too!” I don’t know about anybody else but that’s what I’m wishing for, hoping for, and in the next few years I’ll be looking for. (Fingers crossed.)
    Y’know you were the first person I ever outed my real self to, and I remember being so terrified I could only squeak when Halley walked up. Now you’re hosting quite a few others I’ve either met in person or spoken to over the phone. So please say hi to Viviane and AAG, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Amber Rhea and Rusty, and Halley if she’s there.
    Take care,

  2. Viviane says:

    Figleaf, perhaps you can attend next year. You would have definitely enjoyed it.

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