Does kiddie porn fuel child abuse? Or are there just tons of abusers out there watching porn?

NYTimes has a piece on a new study, conducted in Federal prisons, in which 85% of the men convicted of watching and possessing child porn on the net said they had committed acts of sexual abuse against minors, from inappropriate touching to rape.
Is the issue here that porn fuels abuse? Or that the pervasivness of child abuse is something our culture is reluctant to face?
Best quote from the article: ” The findings, based on offenders serving prison time who volunteered for the study, do not necessarily apply to the large and diverse group of adults who have at some point downloaded child pornography, and whose behavior is far too variable to be captured by a single survey. ”
Ahem, so what are you writing about? Inquiry, repression–or both?

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  1. Phil Wolff says:

    I can see correlation. What about causality? Did they show which behavior led to the other? Or did a third behavior trigger both?

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