Online News Squared: RIP, Backfence–local community service outta cash, winding down.
Seeking Alpha: PlanetOut goes to a group of institutional investors, including Special Situations funds, Cascade Investment, SF Capital Partners, PAR Investment Partners and Allen & Co.
allfacebook: Send real flowers on FB even if you don’t know the person–Is social flowers a stalker app or a cool tool?
dina mehta: “The cost of failure is carried by the individuals at the edges of the network, while the value of the successes magnifies and value to the whole network. ”
deep jive interests: “I would like nothing better than to see Jim Buckmaster and Craig Newmark challenged on their hippie ethos at Craigslist.” (reference to eBay’s Kijii, a new free classifieds service.)
Beth Kanter: Lee LeFevre vblogs how to use social networking to improve your lifetime learning.
Lindsayism: 1993 CBC Canadian news video about this thing called “The Internet.”