One last thing about Blogher: Nancy gets blogged

So I know I mentioned my sister came to Blogher; but it was grand today to see that Nancy got a whole post of her very own from BlogHer fashion blogger Susan Wagner, who writes about fashion at Friday Style and who totally appreciated Nancy’s fashion sense. (I know if you are a tech person, this is probably putting you to sleep.)
I don’t want to use the photo without permission, but if you want to see what my amazing sister looks like (and what a sharp dresser she is) go here.

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  1. celeste w, studio 501c says:

    I was wondering if that was your sister. And she’s own Blogher’s very own Sartorialist.
    By the way, in response to your question on bloggers who use online dating services, Melinda Roberts of The Mommy Blog has blogged about meeting Phil, aka “Mr. X,” through eharmony. I think he has a blog now, too. I don’t know if he was blogging at the time, however.

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