River of posts: Blogher 07

Tons of postings around the net from Blogher7, as evidenced here and here.
Quote of the moment from Zoot:”You know what I love about BlogHer? It’s the phenomena of being surrounded by people WAAAAAY freakin’ smarter than me and what it does to my brain.”
flickr pix: check out Havi’s photos, veesee’s pix, lisa’s photos, and Viviane’s pix.
Minx took this pix on Friday. Yeah, that’s me in the middle with the red eyes.

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  1. Krista says:

    Great meeting everyone at Blogher!
    Soooooo much fun :)
    We recently posted all of our photos at http://events.photrade.com/blogher
    There is an event set up there so everyone can upload photos into the blogher event. You can also link them to your blog if you are looking for some fun pics :)
    Overall a great time!
    – Krista

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