Wishlist: Import Linkedin contacts to Facebook and vice ver

I’m wishing that someone would build a tool that allows users to important their FB contacts into LI, and their LI contacts into FB. Wouldn’t that simplify things?
I have different sets of contacts on both services, but their is a significant overlap and I’d appreciate some help in getting these two sites–and my contacts–more organized.
PS Dave McC says there’s a rumor…

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  1. Mark says:

    It wouldn’t be that hard to build a tool to go LI -> FB, but going the other way would be harder.
    Why don’t you export your LI list as a cv file/spreadsheet? You can import that into FB without the need for an export/import tool.
    Tool would be nicer, particularly one that was smart about picking up new vs. existing contacts. But I’m probably too lazy to build it. You should make a lazyweb suggestion.

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