BabyCenter buys Maya’s Mom: Calcanis’ networks have kids, or it’s the ad network, folks

Paid Content reports that BabyCenter, under new prez Tina Sharkey, has bought Palo Alto parenting community Maya’s Mom. This is newsworthy for several reasons:

  • Shows Tina’s decisiveness and strategic skills
  • Suggests that the lessons of Weblogs Inc and the network effect were not lost on Tina–or on Judith Meskill, her editorial director
  • Proves that deep vertical niches–parenting sites, shopping recommendation communities, etc. are going to be of increasing value as ad-targeting platforms

Rafat says: “MM will stay as a standalone, but the backend social software will be used across BabyCenter’s network of sites in 10 countries.”

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  1. stuart henshall says:

    Great Observation and catch. Thanks!

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