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“(Aggregators)’re all motivated to keep you on their own platforms for as long as possible, rather than giving you absolute freedom to take your identity wherever you like. Right now, it’s hard to make money without owning the user’s identity in some way; user lock-in remains the strongest business model, even though superficially they exist to hand more control to you.”
–Pete Cashmore, Mashable, writing about Web 2.0 social , the competition between FB and Netvibes, and what’s being called lock-in–another way of addressing engagement, attention, and plain ol’ scale.
(Susan sez: And yes, this all goes back to a portable, open ID standard–those folks at my company whose work it is to set standards and strategy–I hope this is high on your list.)

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  1. Michael Breckenridge says:

    Lock-in is an interesting concept. Fortunately, it’s not being implemented on all sites. Or at least it wasn’t mentioned in this article:
    “New Social Network is Far Out, Developers Say”

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