Quote of the Day

” I am 53 years old and have been working for internet companies since 1996. I live in the Bay Area. I don’t confuse myself with most of my generation – my friends who work in other industries, and who live elsewhere, are not nearly as comfortable with online networking as I am. The numbers are dramatic: 75% of baby boomers are online and my generation looks just like younger people in online shopping, in research, in news…we even outdo younger people in email, product research and booking travel. But networking is something that hasn’t yet penetrated my generation, even though research indicates that the top attributes we want from technology are staying connected, saving time, and making life easier.
In talking with investors, the choice is really clear: you either believe that networking has passed my generation by…that we will never adopt it, or you believe (as I do) that people in their 40s and 50s will network when the right product comes along.”
Robin Wolaner, founder of TeeBeeDeeBee an online network for boomers, posting at American Ventuire Magazine