Shout out to Mary Hodder and Dabble

Congrats to my good friend Mary Hodder, whose video search, indexing and sharing business, Dabble recently hit its first year anniversary–and even more recently, Dabble hit the mark of having indexed 17 millino videos–a truly hefty sum.
Mary says: “When we started building Dabble in 2005 it was hard to imagine the video search market getting this big as quickly as it did. But we knew the conditions were right for a site which would use the best technology to map videos no matter where they were hosted and deliver users the most relevant search results and best experience.”
Congrats, Mary and everyone!

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  1. Mary Hodder says:

    thanks susan! we’re really happy about it too, and in the week since we sent this out, we collected another 1.5 million video’s data, and so have 18.5m.
    it’s really fun!

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