Social Graph: Why it matters and how to get there

Brad Fitzpatricklivejournal creator– has a really articulate post on what FB coined as the social graph–the need/wish to see how you and your friends/community are connected around various nodes/behaviors/themes/interests and to have an easy way to access friend data across networks and services.
This is a must-read for what is probably one set of the heart of Web 3.0–the other set being structured databases across large, distributed data sets, IMHO. (More on this, later).
One great quote:
The world won’t switch en masse to anybody’s “social networking interop protocol”, pet XML format, etc. It simply won’t happen. This must all work supporting any and all ways of data collection, change notification, etc. Cute new protocols and XML/YAML/JSON formats for cooperative sites will help (and have already started to be deployed with a few early cooperative sites), but by and large, most sites won’t be cooperative at first, and some (e.g. MySpace) might not ever ever support this. This is going to happen one site at a time and without everybody speaking the same protocols. That said, this project will use open standards, microformats, etc in all data that is republished in, say, widgets (for those users who like widgets)