Checking in on thankfulness: Thanksgiving 2007

I’m in New York with family, just as I was a year ago, in the same house as a year ago. The repetition offers a chance to reflect both on how social media and technology have evolved, and how I see myself as similar or different that at Turkey Day 2006.
On the tech side, my relative’s house is now full wired, but since they can’t remember the key for the security-enabled wireless–and they didn’t realize they should write it down–I can’t really log on. Instead, I am trying to scrape connectivity off neighbors’ networks, not a good thing.
My 10 yr old nephew totally is into YouTube, which he barely knew about a year ago, and he showed me all the SouthPark episodes online and we viewed some favorites. He got the WOW videos of the Jon Coulton songs I love, and showed me his spiffy new Wii, which we played with.
His parents, however, haven’t really increased their knowledge about digital media; neither one has a FB profile and they just don’t see the point–even for finding and sharing photos and music.
So, no broad steps forward there.
On the personal side, I’m getting the opportunity to truly spend time with family I have not seen, but I am also missing friends and family on the left coast: Zack & Margaret, Andrew, BJ in particular, and others as well.
I’m thankful to have such great family and friends and the sense of community I do–there’s a richness of experience in my life right now I deeply value (and try to work hard to maintain.)
As the holiday season kicks off with the usual frenzy, I am going to try to focus this year on living my values, eating less and exercising consistent, and being a loyal friend. Early vows I hope to keep.

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  1. funkybrownchick says:

    Hi Susan,
    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!! (I just shot you an email to your Yahoo account.)

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