In New York City, the dogs are smaller

In NYC, and reflecting on what it feels like to be back here after almost 10 months away, longest time ever.
On one hand, the city feels amazingly familiar, as it always does; in fact, I am surprised at how comfortable I feel. On the other hand, I see how much more of a Californian I’ve become; the subway is far more *urban* in feeling, people on the street look different than they do on the West Coast. Instead of blue(sky) and green (trees) the predominant colors seem to be black(clothing) and grey (sidewalk, buildings, streets, sky).
All that side, it’s great to be here, great to know I will be here for another week and exciting to experience New York through somewhat fresher eyes than in the past. I also have a great sense of how I’ve changed by seeing myself back here, the old homestead, and noticing how my own focus has shifted (more techie, more feminist, more relaxed).
And yes, the dogs really are smaller, so they can fit in all those compact apartments more easily.