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“”On USA Today‘s site, I can comment on articles, submit photos, create a blog that lives there, participate in forums on the site and interact with other users on that site. We’re going to connect those interactions that are happening on these public Web sites back to the user’s Facebook profile…the publisher gets an expanded reach of their brand … to reach people who aren’t necessarily thinking about their brand at that time.”

–Pluck CEO Dave Panos, describing how the company will use the Google Open Social platform within a product called PluckSiteLife to–with the user’s permission–embed and distribute personal info from users’ accounts at social network websites such as a profile widget, article comments and other info across media sites owned by Gannett, Reuters, Discovery Communications, The Washington Post, The Economist Newspaper Ltd., Freedom Interactive Media Inc., Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Rodale Inc. and Meredith Corp.
Susan sez: Pluck is a former client of mine, and I have always thought they are great–this is very shrewd, exciting and a really solid extension of the services they provide to publishers starting with the RSS feed sundication products in 2005/6. Good work, fellas.

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  1. Adam says:

    Thanks Susan – we’re quite excited about it!

  2. dan says:

    where do i buy a ‘pluck dat’ t-shirt?
    facebook isn’t going through the best of times right now.

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