Best of luck, Scott!

Scott Gatz is retiring from Yahoo! after 10 years–I want to wish him all the best. As one of the early RSS obsessives, I remember how so many of us lobbied Scott, who was one of the first product people at a large portal to develop an interest in RSS, and one of the first to integrate syndicated feeds into the larger MY service.
Two years ago, when I was debating leaving consulting to come work at Yahoo!, Scott was one of the people I sought out to chat with. He was so kind, so helpful–and so positive about Big Purple; the chat we had was one of the factors that got me to yes with the job I have now.
Best of luck, Scott–you leave your team in great hands with Chad, and I look forward to hearing about what is going to inevitably become your next adventure.

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  1. Scott Gatz says:

    Thanks for the kind words. I remember our conversation and was so excited that you would be coming to Yahoo! i’m glad it worked out. IMHO, Yahoo needs people like you to get it out of its current (perceived or real) slump.

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