Interesting to note

“…there is a persistent tendency for Democrats to participate more fully in social technologies. Looking at the index (all adults = 100), you can see that Democrats are at least 10% more likely to do just about anything involving social technologies. The Republicans are the opposite — they’re a lot LESS likely to participate (like Nixon’s “silent majority”). They’re 22% less likely to be a social network (Joiners) and 21% less likely to be uploading video or blogging (Creators). These are not extreme differences, but there are definite tendencies here, likely correlated to the fact that Republicans tend to be older than Democrats on the average. Notice that the Republicans are near par for Spectators, though — they’re watching, even if they’re not as active participants. The Independents are somewhere in the middle, approaching the average in Joiner and Critic activity.”
-Josh Bernoff, Forrester Research, writing about the social profile of political candidates.