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“…I have 205 friends on Facebook. I have 124 friends on MySpace. I have 117 professional contacts on LinkedIn. I share my most personal writings with my 113 closest friends on a private network. There are 109 blogs in my “always read” folder. I follow 56 people religiously on Twitter. I realize that these numbers may seem low compared with some social media hounds, but here’s my commitment: (with the occasional exception of blogs,) these are all people I actually care about and am genuinely connected with. My networks are valuable to me and I fight to keep them that way.”
–Sarah Dopp, dopp juice, writing about her extrememe connectedness, borderline addictions, and boundaries around excessive cell phone usage, among other things.
Susan sez: I love it when someone else besides me admits their compulsions. Thanks, Sarah!

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  1. Sarah Dopp says:

    Thanks for the quote, Susan! I’m always torn about how “messy” I can/should be on my professional blog. Thank you for identifying. :)

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