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“The premise of citizen journalism is that regular people can now collect information and pictures with video cameras and cellphones, and distribute words and images over the Internet. Advocates argue that the acts of collecting and distributing makes these people “journalists.” This is like saying someone who carries a scalpel is a “citizen surgeon” or someone who can read a law book is a “citizen lawyer.” Tools are merely that. Education, skill and standards are really what make people into trusted professionals. Information without journalistic standards is called gossip.”
–David Hazinski, former NBC correspondent and now academic professor, writing in the AJC about how educated, literate people are making the (awful) mistake of thinking they have the right to communicate with one another, share information, and have discourse, even though they haven’t been to J-School to take classes with people like him.
Susan sez: Oops! Is your self-interest showing, Professor?

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  1. Cate Sevilla says:

    Love that quote. It just shows the contempt some old school journalists have with those crazy bloggers.
    I don’t have a problem with pro bloggers calling themselves journalists, especially if they do other forms of journalism outside their blogging work. Personally, I’ve never been comfortable calling myself that, and I probably never will. I just call myself a writer, because that’s why I blog: to write.

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