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“…as reputation becomes portable and discoverable, who you choose to be your identity provider will matter….
…Data portability in and of itself is simply not interesting; keeping track of stuff in one place is hard enough as it is, let alone trying to pass it between services or manage it all ourselves, on our own meager hard drives. We need instead to frame the discussion in terms of real-world benefits for regular people over the situation that we have today and in terms of economics that people in companies who might invest in these technologies can understand, and can translate into benefits for both their customers and for their bottom lines.
–Chris Messina, writing about his current project to create more porous and distributed SN and identity/information portability.
Susan sez: This is the Holy Grail for us social media/web 2.0 types: How to create secure and portable identity and information exchanges that can be embedded or integrated into services in a way that allows users–that operating system, remember?- maximum control and options. I am so excited at Chris’ post and how much he gets it and look forward to hearing more.

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  1. Chris Messina says:

    Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad you agree — and have enjoyed your contributions to my thinking on this stuff! ;)

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