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“After debating this for the past few weeks, I’ve decided to make my entire flickr stream private.
My images are being stolen and used in ways that I am not comfortable with on an almost weekly basis, sometimes several times in a week. I have blogged about it, talked about it here on my stream, and yet people still feel that my creative property is theirs to take and do with as they please.”
–Photographer and interesting person Lane Hartwell, posting on flickr on her decision to make her photos private due to theft. Her image of Valleywag’s Owen Thomas appeared in The Richter Scale’s video Here comes another bubble, which was just removed fron YouTube due to a “copyright claim by a third party.”

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  1. Olaf Gradin says:

    Bummer! I’ve had people contact me seeking permission to use my photos. I guess I thought that was the norm, but I probably wouldn’t know if someone used my photos *without* my permission.

  2. alan p says:

    If you put public material out there, the public will use it!
    This sort of encapsulates the la-la land that people who let it all hang out online live in….*of course* people will use material thats put out on the web for other purposes than you imagine.
    You can’t have mashups and UGC and Read/Write webs on the one hand, and total control of your stuff on the other at the same time.

  3. Keith Shepard says:

    Hello? Don’t put your creative “stuff” on the Web if you don’t want people to steal from you. Basic rule of the ‘Net.
    If you set up an un-manned table in New York, and put 100 Apple iPhones on said table with a sign above it saying “Do NOT take these Apple iPhones without first seeking permission.” some people will obey, some people will still take a phone (though feel a bit guilty) and others will flat out take one without blinking.
    There is an entire generation of people that feel that whatever is “on-line” is free for taking or using. Copyrights are dead on-line, and you either have to accept it to some degree or go off-line.
    As an animator, I feel for Lane Hartwell, but Lane shouldn’t be surprised by normal human behavior.

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