YouTube as Archive: Back in the Day

The archival aspects of YouTube are sometimes truly something to savor: This morning, I am surfing the Wet Spots, and end up with Sister Rosetta Tharpe, a truly amazing gospel singer from the 50s, which leads me to look for The Swan Silvertones, a historical gospel group from much earlier.
And what do you know? I’m listening to the a 1960s tape showing Claude Jeter and the fellas singing Only Believe –and it’s great. As is the YouTube vid of Claude doing Lord I’ve Tried.
Over the past week, I’ve pulled up all sorts of compelling footage, from Jimi Hendrix to Miles Davis, Solomon Burke, Tom Moulton and–yes–the Cockettes.
Is this cultural literacy or a major time sink? Both.

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  1. Tim 'Gonzo' Gordon says:

    Major time waster and cultural storage bin, yes I agree. There’s no way I can think of all of the stuff that I’d eventually like to watch some day, but your links to Miles, Hendrix and (?) the Cockettes made my day.
    Aaaahh, yess!

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