Crunchies: Awards event has unconference elements

In debating whether to buy tickets to the Crunchies–the awards show and party for the TechCrunch/ReadWriteWeb/Venture beat event in SF on Jan 18th, I went to the web site to check out the details and was amused to see that there’s a live participants list/aka social network as part of the ticket site software/feature package.
Yes, you can see who’s purchased tickets and how many of the 450 have been sold (about 90).
For me, seeing friends already signed up was a definite selling factor( Dave Winer has two seats, according to this, for example), but it also struck me that this experience applied a very wiki-like experience to event ticket purchase, which I think is cool–and a good fit for this event, which is all about capitalizing, even savoring, the flash of the moment.