i09: Sci-Fi at the edge–great writers, not there yet

I’m impressed and hopeful that the amazing talent pool at Gawker Media’s new SciFi site i09 will make this more than a sci-fi media site.
Hiring the west coast troika of Annalee Newirtz, Kevin Kelly and Charlie Anders was a shrewd, exciting move on Nick Denton’s part–but I’m still waiting for those corner cases of the mind to show up in what they’re covering.
Right now, i09 is sweet if you’re a 22 year old sci fi fan and MLS grad student type, but I’d like to see the coverage more closely reflect the obsessive, glittering subversiveness of so much sci fi–and the ways that Sci-Fi can spin off philosophies, sexualities and lifestyles.
How about Bruce Sterling and that steampunk thing, and Heinlein and polyamory, and Japanese sci fi meeting J apanese soft porn/erotica, and those never-ending Trekkies?
Sci Fi and fantasy are two genres that for so many people represent potential, escape and vision–show me some of that, you brillant writers corralled into this new daily–and you’ll get me as daily reader from then on.