Modern Love meets Web 2.0

Last week, two friends of mine sent an email to everyone on a shared list announcing they were no longer lovers, but planned to remain friends. Yesterday, two well-known west coast tech folks, Tara Hunt and Chris Messina, did something similar but far more public, sharing on their blogs and on their twitter streams that they had ended their romantic relationship.
Each post drew more than 30 comments within hours, and tons of responses on the twitter stream.
This is interesting to me for multiple reasons–

  • Tara and Chris have chosen to live and work with a specific degree of transparency, and these postings are consistent with how they conduct their lives
  • They’re part of a global, self-identified community of people who know and n”follow:” them, where virtual ties have weight along with real world ones.
  • There is a strong reality TV component to digital media/Web 2.0 these days, where everyone is the center of their own drama, and interesting personalities stand out.
  • I like and respect these people, their work and the honest of their communication–and their deep ties to community.

I’m sure people have shared their parting on the web before and will again, but this may be the first for the 2.0 crowd–definitely, it’s one of the most publically graceful.

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