New Years Resolutions 2008

I’ve always laughed off resolutions as what one pledges on Jan 1 and abandons on Jan 8th, but this year I am going to go for it and make some–and keep them. So the world knows, here they are (and as you can see, they all require that scarce commodity, time.)
1. Think hard about the future and where I am headed. I run a great team at Yahoo! and love solving business problems and doing product development–I hope to infuse more creativity and innovation into my work life in 2008, while still delivering strong results.
2. Continue to write poetry and essays. Writing poetry and writing for Blogher have been great additions to my life–keeping it up is critical, and I’d very much like to find a writing group.
3. Be active and engaged in my communities: Tech innovators, social media/open media and open source people, tech feminists, citizen journalists, sex & relationship-positive and socially engaged bloggers all resonate with me–I’d like to be a resource (and sometimes mentor) to folks in these spaces, as well as all the great people I work with at Big Purple.
4. Move North of where I am to a new place to live. The commute to the city from my spot on the Peninsula is too long with any traffic at all; ditto travel to the East Bay–to make #3 happen, I need to move further north so it’s easier to actually show up at events I want to attend. Can’t move too far, or the commute to work becomes arduous; a delicate balance.
5. Create schedules for sleeping and exercise. Resume writing down food intakes. Routines work, so practice them. It’s simple to say, but harder to execute. As for writing down what I eat, we all know that’s a good accountability tool.
6. Take care of myself. Lose the 7 pounds I re-gained this fall, and lose 15 more–from healthy eating and getting more exercise. Schedule vacations, see friends, don’t be the workaholic I can sometimes be. Yo-ga.
8. Work for the greater good. Flex those muscles for social and political change.
9. Love actively. Invest time to enjoy and deepen the relationships I have–friends, family, colleagues. And that person I have been dating.
10, Keep learning, keeep doing. My biggest strength, imho, is that I can learn from others and apply it. There’s a lot I’d like to learn in 08–all the better to make interesting and useful things happen.