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“Friends, photographs, and other objects of meaning are essential parts of the social web. We’re much more inclined to physically move from one city to the next if our friends, furniture, and clothes come along with us. The interconnectedness of the digitized social web makes the moving process much simpler: we can lift friends from one location into another, clone your digital photographs, and match your blog or diary entries to the structure of your new social home. Each of these digital movers represent what we generally call “social network portability” or, more generically, “data portability.”
–New Weblogsinc staffer and general smart social media guy Niall Kennedy, writing about data portability and identity management, two of the critical topics of the moment.

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  1. Niall Kennedy says:

    Hi Susan,
    I am not a Weblogs Inc. staffer, but a contributing columnist since last May. Only one of us has been an AOL employee.

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