Ready for a redesign–whom should I work with?

So, I’ve decided this is the year to spiff up this tired, old blog design and add a fresh look and feel and some new features. Yeah, it’s redesign time.
I’ll want to maintain this URL, probably also add a redirect to another one, and create a richer, fuller site.
Who should I work with? Designers,. coders, tech geeks who want to talk about working with me eagerly solicited–yes, there will be some $$ involved. Imagining this is a fairly small job, but bigger than just setting up a WP domain or a pre made blog skin(though I am open to suggestion.)
If you have a suggestion for someone I should talk with–or you want to show me your work/past projects–drop an email to me at

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  1. marc says:

    recommendation for a designer:
    She has experience w/ blogs

  2. Kevin OKeefe says:

    We’d love to help you out Susan. I’ve been followin you a for years. And where else do you get a team of 14 doing only blogs? ;)

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