Steve Jobs tells off Violet Blue, gets digg’d for it

Hot on the Net — Steve Jobs tell Violet Blue she’s rude, denies photo op

“So, I saw that Steve Jobs was just hanging out on the Macworld expo floor, not in conversation, not talking to anyone, and poking at his phone in the middle of the public so I walked over. Thinking a girl — in this case, a fangirl, me — will never get anything if she doesn’t ask for it, I lightly touched his arm and said “hi”. He looked at me, and I blushingly asked if it would be okay for me to ask if I could take a picture with him.”– Violet B

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  1. my iPhone says:

    Well, she probably was rude. He should has complied though, its like he is invisible to his iconic status and people that are fans just want a little love.

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