Layoffs 3.0: My rules for blogging this

So, I’ve made the decision to blog here about my transition from Yahoo! to the next thing as part of my commitment to transparency, authenticity and social media—and also because I think it could be interesting; it’s certainly a way for me to log my journey.
Before I go any farther, tho, I want to make sure that some of the ground rules I am following are clear:

  • I will NOT be writing about any recruiters, established companies, or start-ups that approach me. I am treating all discussions as totally confidential.
  • I will not be sharing stories and conversations that take place. No one who talks to me about employment, projects, or work-related issues needs to worry they are going to be exposed in this series; again, I see all discussions I have with others as private, totally private.
  • What I will talk about freely is me—my shifts in perspective as I move from being an exec and Product Development lead in a big company to being unemployed to the next evolution of my work focus. When necessary I will paraphrase, invent and approximate to give you a sense of where my head is at about what’s going on, but I won’t be sharing anything that could even remotely compromise privacy or confidentially for anyone else.

How do I know I can successfully write about me and not about anyone else as I cover this transition?
Well, I did something similar when I worked at Yahoo! For the two years I was there, I was careful to never write about the company, about anything confidential we did, or about ideas I had that I considered their intellectual property.
And you know, I did really well with that, there were never any issues, and this is a version of preserving that same trust and discretion, again.