Layoffs 3.0: One week out & getting organized

It’a one week into life post Yahoo! Besides some interesting R&R, lots of focus both on setting myself up in the real world and virtual home office ad starting to talk to people about what’s next.
Herewith, some snippets from week 1 and where I am today:
Got a computer
The first stop post layoff was the Apple store, to buy a Mac. I’d needed a new
computer for a while, and was uneasy about running Vista. Now it’s been a week and here’s the deal: this machine is wonderful. Truly great. Fast, fun, a pleasure. Colorful, easy to navigate interface, no big pain with switching (most) applications…Only wierd thing is that my Firefox desktop icon keeps disappearing.
Next steps with this one: Set up the printer and turn on bluetooth.
Got a phone/transferred numbers
Well, they let me keep the Treo a little longer so I could try to get the phone numbers off it. But they were embedded in the messaging, and it just didn’t work–at least, not till I copied out the most relevant ones by hand–all eight pages worth.
Next step: Turn on the bluetooth–and get those damn numbers into the phone.
Getting hosting and a web site
Just signed up for hosting, once the reg goes through, will get a page up at, then get something more fulsome built. Have spec, need designer/coder–another agenda item to complete today.
Getting the calendars in gear
Bye-bye, Outlook. I’ve got ical on the Mac, another calendar on my phone and the need to book the day hour by hour so I don’t loose those scheduled calls. And then there’s my little paper calendar, the low-tech month at a glance I can’t live without–spent today with big post-its stuck inside with notes on where I have to be and whom I had to call today.
Getting next week straightened out
Heading to Miami on Tuesday for WeMedia where I am facilitating panels on Women, Media and Technology and Social experiences in business. There are going to be some fascinating talks and people. Hoping to stay on for The Future of Web Apps conference; sounds amazing, and well worth the time….reemergence into a category I care about and a chance to learn alot.
Getting the future straightened out
Still processing what happened last week, looking ahead at other possibilities and asking myself what I really want most. Layoffs are an amazing focusing device, a means to both ask yourself what your greatest strengths are, and where you’d like to apply them.
Welcoming ideas, contacts, opportunities.