Layoffs 3.0: Two weeks today

So I left Yahoo! two weeks ago.
There were the moments it just felt so odd to leave something while fully engaged, and those had sadness, mourning.
And then there were the moments of feeling an immense freedom and opportunity, a chance to reinvent my work life in a new form, and the wish to figure out what that might be.
And then there was the worry–what if nothing I wanted panned out?
And the humor, that so short a time into this transition I was letting myself worry.
Transitions are tough.
I think someone from the office, or who used to be from the office, called me every day last week.
At the same time I am adjusting to the loss (particularly of my team), I’m also fully engaged in exploring new opportunities, a fairly diverse lot.
I want to talk to everyone who has something interesting, so I can get a sense of what might be the best next fit–not only in a specific company and role, but with a specific group and people, and in a particular type of environment.
(So yes, if you have something, let me know…the search is on.)
One thing that has delighted me–and made me grateful–is what Blanche duBois called “the kindness of strangers.” People have offered to comp me for conferences, invited me to things, and been generally, does that make a difference.
At the same time I am talking to people, I am thinking hard about who I want to reach out to, the people I might want to work with, the projects I don’t know about yet that might be a great fit.
This week I am at WeMedia Miami; next week, I want to hunker down and talk to folks, take advantage of what feels like momentum.