Layoffs 3.0: What’s Next?

So, it’s a week and a half post layoff, and I’m deep into the questions of what to do next.
A lot of what I am thinking about has to do with the kinds of roles, situations and environments in which I do my best work. I’m asking myself whether this is the right time to join a start-up, do a start-up of my own, or actively consult and at the same time work with a small set of other people’s start-ups—or whether I’d be happier playing a strong role in another company where my work and my team could have a real impact and where there’s more security and infrastructure. I’ve done enough of each of these—start-up team, consultant, and senior exec/team leader to know I can be effective in each, so environmental fit/size of company isn’t the most critical factor.
And that, of course, leads to the big question: What is the best fit and what do I know about myself and the situations in which I am most fully engaged?
Okay, so with the awareness that writing this is partly a dialogue with myself, here’s some of the points I’m thinking about:

  • I like challenges, solving problems, and using my ability to see things somewhat differently than others to make things happen.
  • Building things, rebuilding and fixing things, rethinking and re-launching, or creating and launching move me more than conserving something that already exists.
  • I need to feel that my work is adding value, can’t be meaningless.
  • The working environment and the people I work with are 85% of the value. On one hand, no individual can surpass a mediocre team; on the other hand, these are people you spend 60% + of your time with , so you want to click.
  • My most unique strengths are my blend of broad vision/creativity, and the ability to lead teams to execute, to pull people together, communicate a vision and a goal and help them get there.
  • Continual learning keeps me engaged, but so do my competitiveness, my feeling for the team, and my desire to provide both business successes ($$ and growth) and user value.

I could go on, but this is enough to give you a sense of the questions I am asking; I’ll post more about this as I—over the next few weeks—come to some answers. Right now I am exploring all options that seem appealing, knowing clarity will come over time, along with a sense of what’s actually possible.

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  1. zak says:

    Sounds like you have some direction in mind. I’m in jobhunting mode myself and highly recommend Robin Fisher Roffer’s Make a Name For Yourself. It’s a great book on personal branding.
    You obviously are already well-respected in your field. The exercises through out the book might help you fine tune what road you want to go down at this point in your career.

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