Lost in transition, or I stress, therefore I blog

Back in January, I told everyone here that I was going to blog more–more deeply, more meaningfully, more edgily, more, uh, often.
Good intentions, but I struggled to fulfill them–the job, the life, the relationship, the pets, the other interests somehow kept claiming their snips of time.
And then the elephant in the room came to be. You know, blogging is definitely one way I deal with stress, because I’ve suddenly found the focus to post and post and post again over the past few days.
And here I am, again needing to post, needing the activity of writing, of talking to myself and others as a way to keep feelings in check.

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  1. Tommy says:

    I know how you feel! I get into the same “post marathon” moods too. After saying my piece, the mood fades as do the posts until the urge strikes again a while later.

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