Media 3.0–Fast Company takes a run at relevancy

I was going to write a post about Fast Company’s Web 3,0 ambitions after they hired pitchman supreme Robert Scoble and sidekick Shel Israel to do video and TV for FC, but I didn’t, but now, with the new announcement of the next gen of the FC community, I have to jump in.
Honcho Ed Sussman says all the right things about networked journalism and citizen media and contributing to the conversation, but truth is, as I read those fine words, all I thought about was the trouble of establishing myself and my identity in yet another space. Bandwidth, people.
But Sussman’s next set of phrases completely got my attention:
“Open source allows us to take advantage of the work of thousands of developers contributing back their work free-of-charge to the platform. We hope the development work we contribute back will help to improve all sites running on the Drupal platform. We’re committed to supporting OpenID, the movement to allow portability of a member’s own data from one site to another. (When you register at, feel free to import your LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo mail, or Outlook contacts. If Facebook opens their ” walled garden,” we’ll help you import those contacts, too.)”
Ed, now you’re talking, If you’re telling me you’re committing to data portability and open source, then I am super interested in what you’re doing–and applaud how how you’re adding onto and re-jiggering FC as media–and technology–evolve.

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  1. shel israel says:

    I would tell you what I thought about it Susan, but I’m just a sidekick to a pitchman.

  2. Ivan Pope says:

    I think Sussman is a little confused:
    “OpenID, the movement to allow portability of a member’s own data from one site to another”
    OpenID is a registration system that allows you to log in to one system using your ID from another system. It doesn’t allow you to move any data from any system to any system as far as I know. Maybe he means DataPortability. Bad confusion.
    “When you register at, feel free to import your LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo mail, or Outlook contacts. ”
    Well sure, he wants you to import any data you can from other systems. But he doesn’t mention whether you can export that data back out again, which would be the real point of the exercise. That’s real DataPortability.
    You know what they way – fine words butter no parsnips.

  3. Ed Sussman says:

    Hi Susan, Thanks for blogging about this. Ivan is correct that I didn’t use OpenID correctly in its technical meaning — allowing single ID log in across many sites. But what I think is going to happen — and this is what we want to work on with the Drupal community — is a centralized profile tha will follow you along with your single ID. That’s what I hope and think OpenID will become. And it will make it less of a hassle for you to commit to a new site.
    You should be able to dip in and out of sites with just a couple clicks, trying out features such as the ones we offer — discussions directly with or journalists, FC Experts and fellow members interested in the topic of business innovation.
    We also like data portability — we are on Drupal, a pretty transparent platform. I’m sure when our member base gets large enough (it’s already at about 100,000), people will want to start adding us to the list of sites you can grab social data from, and we’ll support that.

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