My conference plans to date, aka Where’s Susan

Here’s the quick list of conferences I am either speaking at or planning to attend this spring/summer, so far.

As you can see I am not doing FOWA(sigh), SXSW, etech, Graphing Social Patterns West (sigh). I also didn’t get invited or pay to go to TED, which strikes me as where burners go when they get rich and want to hobnob in comfort(and yes, I’d love to attend.)
I am debating on Sex 2.0 in April, wishing I could sneak into digitalhollywood’s March 12-13 NY Media Summit, and considering PaidContent’s April 29th conference on the Economics of Content, in LA.
On a related note, I have a ticket to the S ugar/TechCrunch party in LA, and wouldn’t miss Scott’s LaughingSquid fest on May 31st for the world.
What conferences, meet ups, unconferences, bar camps are you excited about that more people should consider? Post’em here if you feel so inclined.

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  1. Howard Greenstein says:

    Hey, I’m not going to all the conferences you’re not going to! Wow! :-)
    Podcamp NYC is April 25-26 if you’re in NYC.

  2. Amber says:

    Hope to see you at Sex 2.0.

  3. Madeline Wright says:

    Recent ex-Yahoo here.
    I attended BarCampLA 5 in Beverly Hills, CA, this past weekend and had a blast! I was sort of offered a free pass to SxSW, but at this point I don’t think it’d be best for me to splurge on the hotel and plane fare, etc. Plus, I’m planning to splurge on a MacBookPro at some point in the near future. Along with my former team, I miss the one I used for work a lot. :(

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