Paid Content talks to Chris Johnson, Hearst

Paidcontent’s got a talk with Chris Johnson, who runs content and biz dev at Hearst Digital and who was my colleague at AOL, back in the day. Chris is great to work with, and clearly having an impact at Hearst.
A quote from the piece: “We are very aware that you can’t just create a magazine website and expect people to simply show up. You have to have search engine optimization, search engine marketing, you want to find the right strategic partners who can help you distribute your content and drive traffic back to your site. MSN has been our sole portal partner for about two years and recently renewed that deal for another two years. But we also recognize that we have to find ways to distribute Hearst content on other portals, but in ways that are unique; it doesn’t pay to dish out the same thing to everybody at the same time.”
Susan sez: Cool, and they even have a Yahoo deal.