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Talking heads with Andrew Nachison, iFOCOS, Jim Brady, Executive Editor, Washingtonpost.Newsweek.Interactive, Katrin Verclas, MobileActive, Jean Marc Coicaud, Director, United Nations University, The Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr., CEO, Hip Hop Caucus
and Darya Shaikh, Executive Director, OneVoice–
Questions: What’s working to speed growth?
Darya talking about Facebook and YouTube supporting her movement in Israel because they offer tools that are much needed; in Gaza, it’s SMS and phone–social media fueling grassroots growth that then turned into organizing–however, as people demanded conflict resolution and use the grassroots to understand what responsibilities people have as a negotiations process is set in place–Darya says “There’s a measure of success that’s a Catch-22–you have to have enemies to know you are doing your job”..as they grew people realized they would create change, and resistance set it in some places, especially as they moved fron micro-local to a national level of change.
Katrina describing MobileActive as a global community for social change/impact, especially NGOs and citizen groups–3.5 billion cell phones, half the world connected–and using phones to help make the world a better place. (Susan says Wow!) K says “There’s mobile in every area, for example, mobile SMS reminds people to go to AA meetings, take meds, whatever.”
Now it’s Jean Marc on Global Issues–and Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr. on HipHopCaucus and organizing–Yearwood says “The media can infuriate the powers to be, but it can also create change;” his group posts information about organizing on mix tapes to get wider distribution,
When people control the media they control their lives. In order to control the masses, you need to control the media, ” and “People who do not have college degrees are not coming out.”
and “When the media left, the story left as well.” (This man clearly has some powerful rhetoric.)
Susan sez: I want this panel to talk about how media and citizen media–or whatever we call it–can we used to accelerate change, not only to (slowly) try to make the world better.

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