WeMedia: Print is Dead

WeMedia: Jeff Gomez, author, Print is Dead and Roger Black, Principal, Danilo-Black chatting about next gen media and filters for data….
Roger: “The real question for me is whether the business model for books and magazines will continue to exist, and whether all of us will get through this. The big question is whether people do not need storytelling and non narrative forms as much as they used to.”
Jeff: “Participatory journalism shows the needs for stories will continue to exist, but people want to play a part in their own stories…blogs and social networks are so trafficked, because people feel they can interact with them, while books are more passive.”
Roger: “You stitch together your own narrative on the web…
Jeff: The web supports niche topics because people want to express themselves and share information…’
Solana Larsen, Global Voices(commentator): “Much of the media and web experiences you describe are such natural experiences for younger people…”
Marvin Pittman,ESPN: “Media has come more corporate and that has filtered down to younger people…people now feel companies have turned away them and so a newspaper, for example, feels less committed to you, more corporate.”

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