April 1: It ain’t just laughing

Today was kind of a tough day; there was a death in the (extended) family, lots of work to get done post weekend, and some hard choices to work through. I’m also getting ready (or trying to get ready) for an out of the country trip next week.)
In many ways, I feel like leaving Yahoo! has brought me to this new inflection point in terms of where I really want to put my time and what I want to focus on.
One way to look at that is to ask “What do I want to work on in the next year and how can I have the most impact?” Another way is to say “What do I want to have accomplished 18 months-2 years from now?” A third is to say “What will most fully use my skills and my best talents to create meaningful product, experiences, business, change?”
Of course, asking the questions is easy; the answers are always guesses when you start, and you hope you don’t regret the choices you’ve made as they become realities, later.
I’m about to make some big choices about what I focus on in the coming year, and like those relationship choices on Facebook, “it’s complicated.”
(Or, to look at it another way, it’s crystal clear and it’s just time to stop dancing around and get in line for the future.)
Happy April Fools, everyone. Let me see you keep laughing.

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  1. HELENE says:

    Great posts, Susan. I’ve really enjoyed your blog lately, even more now that you’re soul-searching… Without crystal balls, it’s impossible to know that what we really want to work on now will have an impact on what we want to do/or will be doing later. Whatever we do choose to do at this moment in time, we must do it with pride, and not spend too much time second-guessing. Best of luck to you, I look forward to reading more!
    Keep up the good writing,

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