Brewster Kahle-My enduring hero

Just learned via NYTimes that Internet Archive & Alexa and WAIS founder Brewster Kahle has arranged for low-income housing projects in San Francisco to get high-speed fiber into the apartments.
The test project is Valencia Gardens in the Mission; Brewster said: ““We are pleased to be the first non-profit organization to bring public housing online. We are excited to see much faster access to the Internet as a way to experiment with advanced applications, and are pleased that the underserved get first access to advanced technology.”
Susan says: I met Brewster back in 1993, when I first started to go online, and the work he was doing with WAIS literally changed my life for the better–and made me want to leaving media for technology, especially search. (Of course, the fact Brewster had a letterpress in his kitchen also showed me he got where I was coming from.) In the 15 years since then, the way Brewster has used his success to be a force for good has continued to inspire, this is yet another effort that makes me feel proud to know him–and encouraged to think about I can help make technology more accessible for low income people.