Diet & Exercise update

So, back in January I talked about losing the weight that crept back over the holidays, and exercising consistently. Then I was consumed in new releases for my (then) job. By early February, though, I was resolved it was time to get the plans on track.
So, here’s the update:

  • Have lost eight lbs, all but one of the weight I regained after my initial weight loss in 2007.
  • Have been going to the gym and doing cardio and weights 3X a week for the past month–and it feels great.
  • Walking–some, want to do more.
  • Yoga–none, want to do more.

In theory, being jobless/in transition/looking/thinking about the next thing should make those early morning workouts more possible, but that hasn’t happened yet; hoping March has more yoga and classes in it.
Also, I have a new goal, in addition to losing weight and working out: I want to see the muscle mass of my body build up as the fat stores reduce.