Drilling down on local: East Bay focus

So one of the things I am doing is thinking harder about local sites and services. I’m interested in learning more about who’s publishing community sites in the Bay area, particularly in the East Bay, and in understanding what tools they are using and what the most visited sites are.
I’m curious about the platforms people are using, what kind of tech skills they need to have to get their local sites up and running, what the most sustainable mix of content and services is, and if there are linkages between any of these sites and local media properties like weekly papers, newspapers, radio stations and so on.
Diving into Oakland and the East Bay as a microcosm for that exploration, interested in talking with people about their experiences creating local sites, neighborhood community sites, local blogs, local take action sites, and so on…especially in Oakland, but anyone with good stories and lessons learned to share.
Please leave comments here or email me if you have pointers for sites to look at or have time to chat. Thanks.