Facebook: 10 months and counting(down)

So I’ve been using Facebook for 10 months. I have over 1,000 contacts and I get about 10 emails a day there, half from people I know, the rest from groups and events and from people I do not know. 6 months ago, I logged into Facebook 4-5 times a day; it was my take a break at work for a few secs guilty pleasure. My particular delight were the status updates.
In the 1o months, I have also added and actively use twitter, del.icio.us, and the new FriendFeed.
Of course, that means I use FB less. It also means that what I said earlier, that FB was going to train millions of users to use social networking tools–and then watch them leave for more disaggregated services–just like users left AOL for the web–is proving true.
What’s interesting to me, here, is that the biggest behavior-changer is FriendFeed. Because I have made my del.icio.us posts, my blog posts, my flickr stream, my tweets and so on visible on FF, anyone who is really interested in watching my information flow can see it all rolled up there. This means that my interest in and perceived need to do link roundups on my blog (Noted), and to post flickr updates dials down to, well, almost zero. Suddenly, there is a tool that is aggregating my social graph data for me, in a way I can control(you have to ask to get my feed).
This makes Facebook much less compelling (though I still value the Notes, Events, and access to email and birthdays). My biggest use of FB these days is on my mobile phone; I browse as entertainment while in line, or at the airport, once I’ve read through all my emails.
It also seems like others’ updates to FB are much less frequent; the bright, shiny new toy aspect is gone and friends are rushing off to other tools, other experiences. At the same time, people who are not as embedded in the bleeding edge are coming on; two of my relatives joined recently, and the SO’s siblings are also there (good validation of the mainstream value).
What’s next? FB will continue to be on my active list, but it’s moved from 1st position to 4th, with FF, twitter, techmeme still ahead of it as critical information sources.
And my newsreader? If it was a toaster, it would be unplugged and getting dusty.

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  1. mike says:

    I realise that many of your contacts are in Twitter & FriendFeed, but have you looked at Jaiku?
    It combines the microblogging aspect of twitter (but with threaded conversations), along with the life streaming idea of FF, plus it incorporates the idea of presence (althought to use that you need a Nokia phone currently).
    If you want to try it visit http://jaikuinvites.com (i know that i at least have some un-used invites in there!)

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